Hip hip…brand guidelines

Most good brands have rules and guidelines on how to represent and reproduce their identity.

The Union Flag is an identity that goes back more than 400 years. It has its own guidelines with regard to rules of layout, proportion and colour. Getting these rules wrong in the past could have had disastrous consequences, for it has been said that flying the flag upside down is a sign of distress!

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ICO takes the biscuit

Last May, regulations were introduced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) requiring website owners to obtain user consent before cookies are set on internet-enabled devices, and there was a one-year grace period giving website owners time to implement the new regulations. That period is now well and truly over.

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Avoiding technical debt in a digital economy.

Given the current economic climate, we’re all, to a greater or lesser degree, familiar with financial debt. But what’s hardly discussed at all is the notion of technical debt. Technical debt can arise as a result of making concessions in order to deliver a technical solution, where more focus is often placed on delivery deadlines at the expense of delivery quality.

For example, in the case of software development, the debt may take the form of a small imperfection that can be fixed prior to the next major release. However, that imperfection must be fixed in the future in order to prevent it from growing or compounding with other small debts and becoming a much larger problem.

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Web application developers (or social scientists as we like to think)

A common client perception with online business tools is that they are the product of clever computing machines and those clever people behind them, the  technically gifted who are sometimes referred to as web application developers.

However, we all remember what happened in ‘Terminator’ when machines built machines. If you ever thought the best technical online systems are based on highly technical processes that just happen, with almost zero human participation, then think again. One of the biggest limitations in a complex online project is underestimating the ability, needs and influence of users who interact with it.

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