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Are your “Wheels Up”?

How do you ensure that every member of the business knows how the company makes money? How do you ensure that they know what they need to do to contribute to that? How do you ensure that everyone has the single same job to perform ? When Herb Kelleher started Southwest Airlines in 1971, he […]

The Fleetlights Initiative

Direct Line has developed a fascinating prototype idea called the Fleetlights Initiative.  It uses drone technology to bring light to rural communities who suffer much higher pedestrian road casualties during winter months.  A great example of complete BRAVE thinking – a really bold, compelling idea using available technology, it’s relevant to significant numbers of people in rural […]

Top Gear : is it a broken brand ?

The new series of Top Gear launched on Sunday and promptly got off to a poor start. Only drawing 4.4 million views (the last series averaged 5.8 million). Sysomos tracked over 70k tweets and the sentiment was 75% negative with many branding it boring. How did it all go so wrong? We decided to have […]

How we simplify brands

A large part of our task is to work with our clients to help them simplify their brand, product or service. Why? Because people buy easy more than they buy cheap. People are subconsciously attracted to simple because that is what our brains are hard wired to look for. Amazon isn’t the cheapest way to […]

Just why does Kalkan exist?

Never heard of Kalkan? Neither had I, however for my family holiday this year we followed a recommendation to go there. It’s on the edgy bit of Turkey. We discovered (they use the word discover a lot in holiday sales literature don’t they) a really lovely place, great weather, beautiful seas, views, hotel, restaurants, history, […]

Beware the sycophantic banana

… But be decent, legal, honest and truthful. As a freelancer, I’m privileged to be given this opportunity to be a guest spot blogger!… Without wishing to slip on that great sycophantic banana, I felt compelled to provide some honest feedback following a period of a few weeks freelancing within Key Parker. Over many years […]

Explaining finance boosts Audi website traffic

Audi has increased visitors to the finance section of its web site by a massive 82% in February. This is all due to the launch of 3 new videos designed to bring some clarity to the often confusing world of finance. The three videos cover Personal Contract Plan, Contract Hire and Hire Purchase, and seek […]

Are you being ignored?

As a group, marketing folk in this decade are beset by a big scary problem that simply never existed before. And I’m not talking about the mundane challenges of having less staff, or less budget or the wrong agency or a tricky sales director. The big scary problem is this – your prospective customer is […]

Saniflo Chooses Key Parker

Saniflo may have 95% market share but that hasn’t stopped this ambitious business taking steps to continue to grow. With a belief that they can inspire more people to change their living space they have appointed Key Parker to deliver a new creative direction for the 34 year old brand. Saniflo was last seen on […]

Birmingham City University

We have been working closely with Birmingham City University this year – supporting their Future Media Masters Degree course students. Part of that support saw us sharing and supporting the students as they worked for the first time on a live brief. We’ve very much enjoyed our involvement with these lovely bright people and they’ve […]


This article caught my attention and then made me smile today. But not because of the article itself! I had the pleasure of working with Interflora some years ago – and a very fine organization they were too, with some lovely very passionate florists creating some lovely products – so I naturally wanted to read […]

Line up now for an Autograph!

We all found out this week just how amazingly talented Louise is by going to watch her latest leading role. And having enjoyed the whole show – I was left with just one question. Why isn’t she in The West End? Still, next time we need someone to sing in a commercial I know where […]

Recording in progress

Today has been a busy day in the big smoke, recording voice overs for our upcoming Audi Finance Explained animations. It’s been a really exciting project for Volkswagen Financial Services. We’ve had to challenge preconceptions about who to approach for competitive car finance, open customers minds to Audi Finance products, as well as demystify the […]

Jet set and urbane!?!

To use the words of Billy Connolly we felt very “jet set and urbane this week and possibly a little windswept and interesting too” – when we trouped down to The Bingham Hotel in Richmond to hold a brand strategy meeting with clients who flew in from places as far afield as Boston USA , […]