How to be Brave

No one expects to get rich or famous writing a business book.

Today, that’s probably truer than ever.  People apparently have less time and too many other demands on their attention to plough through a book about work stuff. So naturally they don’t buy one to read by the pool.

Unless they’re a total weirdo.

We really like the idea of reading one and may get round to it.  But probably not at all in reality. It seems a bit too hard. For too little gain.

The problem? Business books aren’t easy enough.  No matter how lovely the cover or amusing the author, if it’s an inch thick with lots of small type and pie charts, it whispers just one thing.  You’ll never finish it.

So in light of all that valuable advice, I’ve written a business book.  For the time poor.  

Tested to be read in the time it takes to drink a reasonably hot cup of tea, ‘How to be brave and make your thinking more human’  is about understanding the human brain’s powerfully hardwired nature and how you can make it work for you when trying to sell or persuade.

It’s also tantalisingly free.  You can get your copy by clicking here.

Do let me know what you think.


Nudge, nudge


Nudge marketing is relatively a new phrase but the technique has been around since commerce began. Merchants have always known you can sweeten a deal by picking your moment. Knowing there was a last minute feast meant the king’s chef required plenty of fresh spices at short notice.  The key of course has always been knowing your audience and anticipating need.  Time it just right and you can encourage a sale with a well-chosen message or offer.  It’s almost guaranteed that lazy, badly organised men will probably respond gratefully to a Christmas Eve gift-wrapping service.

What has changed however, is the use of technology to be able to do this on a large scale but tailor a message to an individual. Through analysis of a customer’s progress through an e-commerce site. Therefore it’s possible to track and target those who leave before they reach the checkout then nudge them into purchase at a later date.

TNT recently launched phase 2 of their e-commerce tool and as part of the build Key Parker designed a module to allow the marketing team to devise and deliver nudge messages to customers who haven’t yet placed an order for parcel delivery.  They had seen that potential customers were using the site for a quote but not necessarily buying.  With the module it’s possible to analyse the destination of every delivery quote and then create a competitive, targeted offer to encourage a sale to groups or individuals.  We’ll be monitoring progress and will report back soon on how TNT have employed their own nudge marketing offers.

Recording in progress

Today has been a busy day in the big smoke, recording voice overs for our upcoming Audi Finance Explained animations. It’s been a really exciting project for Volkswagen Financial Services. We’ve had to challenge preconceptions about who to approach for competitive car finance, open customers minds to Audi Finance products, as well as demystify the complicated and ‘scary’ world of finance. A great challenge and the end results are going to be beautiful!

Goodwood Festival of Speed

A group of us went with clients to Goodwood Festival of Speed on Friday. We supported Škoda and Audi and watched all sorts of exotic machinery go up the hill.

Lotus Cars was the marque being celebrated and the display in front of the house was probably the best one I’ve seen in many years of attendance.

All of the displays are designed by Gerry Judah who creates installations on such an epic scale they become hypnotic. Maybe his early work in theatre has informed his dramatic sensibilities. Whatever, we love his work!