More evidence of the online retail dominance from Amazon

Amazon won Thanksgiving and Black Friday as retail strategy varied.

Amazon’s dominance of online retail in the U.S. was on fully display this Thanksgiving and on Black Friday according to data collected by Hitwise.

According to the competitive intelligence and consumer insights firm, Amazon processed 5.6m transactions on Thanksgiving Day and 7.1m transactions on Black Friday.

All told, of the top 50 retailers in the U.S., Amazon captured nearly half (45.1%) of all transactions on Thanksgiving Day and over half (54.9%) of transactions on Black Friday.

These figures far eclipsed the second and third most prolific online sellers, Walmart and Best Buy, which accounted for 13.9% and 8.3% of all transactions on Thanksgiving Day and 8.8% and 5% of all transactions on Black Friday, respectively, demonstrating just how well Amazon’s formidability extends to the holiday shopping season despite significant efforts by the competition.

But that doesn’t mean that other retailers weren’t able to find success. While Amazon led top 50 retailers in transactions processed on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, Shutterfly managed to top Amazon’s conversion rate by 1.4% (8% to 6.6%) on Thanksgiving Day.

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