Fortune favours the brave

Behavioural research confirms that the vast majority of people are generally risk-averse. This comes from our fear of loss. We are happy when we gain, but twice as unhappy when we lose. So why risk it?

We tend to look for safer options that reflect our view of ‘how things should be’. Psychologists call this the ‘confirmation bias’. We love to agree with people who agree with us. It’s why we read books and visit websites that express our own opinions, and why we mostly spend time with people who hold similar views and tastes.

Similarly, another characteristic trait of human behaviour is copying; it’s how we learn. We are hard wired to copy, from learning to talk to following tribal trends. So it stands to reason that the safe way to build a successful brand is to look at how everyone else in your category behaves, and copy them.

If you can be a bit better than the competition, then you’ll be successful. But acting like everyone else only makes you invisibleThe brain is a pattern-making machine; it can’t possibly process all the information it receives, so it groups things together. Therefore if your brand doesn’t conform to the established category pattern, it will inevitably stand out.

Consequently, it’s not good enough to be better you have to be different. And being different means being brave.

brave is the name of Key Parker’s tried and tested business transformation model. It’s an exciting and collaborative way of benchmarking your brand. Through five thought provoking stages we’ll question your thinking and reframe your challenges. By using our core competencies of strategy, creativity and technology we’ll take you from where you are to where you need to be. Helping you become meaningful, different and salient.