Personalization is nothing without creative empathy

Marketers have the newest technologies at our fingertips that allow us to create and personalize experiences that are truly centered around individuals – a mix of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are constantly expanding the experience possibilities.

But here’s what we need to be increasingly careful about: This new technology enables a level of automated marketing that puts brands at risk of appearing unthoughtful.

In the midst of today’s marketing tech innovations, empathizing with the customer is key.

A classic example: You enter a grocery store at 11:30 p.m. at night with the goal of grabbing a bottle of milk and leaving. All of a sudden, you are being offered all kinds of coupons, suggestions of additional ingredients or even a recipe that might absolutely be of interest to you – in different circumstances. It’s personalized, but is the store really empathizing with you?

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