Pokémon Go: 5 Reasons Why It’s Brave

There’s just a chance you may have heard of Pokémon Go by now…

The new, reinvented mobile app game based on the 90s pocket hit, was downloaded so many times from launch, it became the number one app within just 5 hours.

It’s a great example of a Brave brand. Everything is in place to ensure long term success. The brand stars are aligned.

Why do we think that?  Here’s 5 reasons:

1) It’s Bold. By utilising Google Maps and overlaying gameplay, players can hunt for Pokémon in their own physical world whilst simultaneously enjoying the fantasy of the game. This subverts the idea that video games equal sedentary behaviour at home – it’s encouraging exercise instead, for an average of 43 minutes per day.

That’s a big shift in what has previously constituted a mobile game.

2) It’s Relevant. The astronomic number of downloads show that interest levels are sky high. This is a new way of gaming and has caught the imagination of a global audience.

3) Pokémon Go! is A player. The app’s developer Niantic are playing the long game. Free download gets it on as many handsets as possible. Then the fun will really begin with other consumer brands falling over themselves to pay to be part of the gameplay. It’s almost limitless in terms of reciprocal marketing potential.

4) It’s Visible – a Google search reveals 35 million results. It’s almost impossible to avoid such is the hype and news coverage. If you can’t find Pokémon Go then you’re doing it wrong.

5) It’s Easy. As a free download it’s laughably accessible to any one of the 8 billion people with a smartphone. No distribution issues (except when demand exceeds server capacity) and it’ll update itself with every iteration.

With all 5 Brave factors in place we predict a very bright future for Pokémon Go.  Provided it can maintain relevance in the face of inevitable competitors, who knows what it’ll offer in just 12 months from now.