Waitrose Make Braver Soup.

Supermarkets are incredibly noisy places from a design perspective.

Packaging has a really tough brief to fulfil.

It needs to contain the product, keep it in good condition and be useable.

Above all, it needs to get noticed.

Waitrose have recently introduced a new soup pot design.

Yes, really.

While you pick yourself up off the floor, let me explain.

I often buy a Waitrose soup for lunch so consider myself a bit of an expert in soup matters…

Today the world changed.  Today the new soup packaging really gained my attention.

It looks a bit smaller than the old one. Bold.

It’s less bulky so will fit in my always too full fridge a bit better too. Relevant.

Yet, it holds the same 600g as the boring old round one. Two bowl’s worth. A player move.

It’s an unusual shape that stood out to me. Visible.

It even has an integrated spout so you can pour out half and not slop it everywhere (like I do).  Easy.

So, congratulations to the Waitrose packaging team.

You’ve shown how seemingly mundane design changes can be brave too.