Audi Fleet Marketing Tool

We made it simpler to keep in touch…

Being a Audi Fleet Manager is a difficult job, with upwards of 500 customers each that need supporting in a professional, prompt and factually correct way.

A Fleet Manager was expected to have the very latest information to hand and be able to deliver it when a customer needs it just using email.

Key Parker recognised how challenging this was and saw the opportunity to make the process of managing the relationship with customers easy.

Key Parker developed fComms to centrally hold the very latest documents and guides so that they were always available and up-to-date. Each Fleet Manager is able to look at their customer data and know exactly who has received key information, who has read it and who hasn’t. They are now able to build their own email and attach links to key documents. And every email always complies with strict email marketing guidelines.

Over the last 6 months, Audi Fleet Managers have communicated via 200,000 tailored emails, previously an impossible task.