Amazing their audience

We made software engineering simple…

If you’ve ever been exasperated by an internet movie continually buffering then you’ve experienced a typical CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Most CDNs aren’t designed to distribute huge HD video files yet many TV content producers around the world rely upon them, with no control over quality.

Edgeware’s TV – specific CDN is far superior. However, as a small player, they lacked visibility in a faceless and corporate business.

We soon realised that Edgeware were offering a revolutionary approach and we recommended they behaved accordingly.

We proposed a creative strategy and designed a communications toolkit that was very different to the market – bold, irreverent and direct. Edgeware were going to make TV amazing again.

Just 9 months later and Edgeware already have two prestigious industry awards for their ground-breaking products and methodology.

“We’re delighted. We now communicate very differently to the competition and it’s getting us noticed. Our entire team are really energised by it and we’re now gaining a lot of interest that simply wasn’t there before.”

Richard Brandon, CMO