First job? Get noticed

We made Firestone simpler to buy…

For Firestone’s audience of younger, low-mileage drivers with older cars, tyres are definitely a low-interest category. Whatever the tyre fitter recommended, they’d buy. Unfortunately, they weren’t buying Firestone. It was invisible.

As far as tyre retailers were concerned, Firestone didn’t stand out either – it lacked boldness and visibility. Our job was to get Firestone noticed and give tyre retailers a good reason to recommend the brand and the all-new tyre range.

We developed a promotional campaign that meant Firestone became relevant to our younger audience and their interests: the chance to win free iTunes downloads and tickets for live music events.

Retailers sold Firestone hard to win their own prizes and customers started taking notice. The national promotion was a huge success with a 21% increase in year on year sales.