Breaking free

We made it simpler to make a change…

With a 25-year history in underfloor heating systems, Nu-Heat are very well-established in a highly niche segment. However, ambitious growth plans meant doubling sales within three years.

We began with a one-day Brave Workshop involving the key stakeholders and established their business problem; they were technically brilliant but poor external communicators – they lacked boldness and relevance. They needed to become more interesting.

Our next challenge was to develop a strategy to deliver sales growth in a me-too category. Underfloor heating just wasn’t on the radar of potential new growth customers – those who were looking to extend or refurbish their homes, not build them. Our creative thought-starter was that most of us just tolerate bad heating by radiators and don’t notice the strange, compensatory everyday behaviours we carry out in order to get around it.

It was also essential to expand the network of influential installers by showing an easier way to grow their business – by creating ‘an underfloor movement’.

Our job was then to dramatise our thinking and create a bold, dual campaign to ‘break free from bad heating’ and drive calls from both to Nu-Heat’s business development team – quickly rebranded as The Escape Committee.

Nu-Heat are delighted with the campaign which they have in turn deployed via national magazines, specialist press, website and social media.