Designer relevance

We made it simpler to inspire…

Contrary to popular belief, many privately-run care homes employ interior designers, principally to help attract new residents.

As a premium brand with a 50-year history in specialist care sector furniture, cheap entrants were putting pressure on Shackletons margins as well as increasing demand for fashion-led design.

Our brief was to help the brand take a leap forward in the minds of key customers – interior designers.

After a comprehensive brand review including a BRAVE workshop, semiotic study and in-depth interviews, we concluded a bold new approach was required. Crucially, they needed to show they were still relevant – not dowdy and out of touch.

The category behaved and looked the same so conventions needed breaking. Gone was the ubiquitous 100-page brochure replaced with a quarterly magazine complete with design ideas and interviews. Photography was completely refreshed and range pieces were re-imagined for designers to use in their own schemes.

The overall effect on the brand has been impressive to say the least:

“We wanted to be different and inspire our customers by being ahead of the design curve. The new approach from Key Parker has done just that. It’s opening doors for us every day and sales continue to grow.”

Jason Bloom – Sales & Marketing Director, Shackletons