Being energy efficient

There’s a simple app for that…

Globally demand for energy is expected to rise by 37% over the next twenty years. And under the terms of the Kyoto agreement, Europe must reduce CO2 emissions by increasing energy efficiency.

Consequently, the EU introduced the Energy related Products directive (or ErP) designed to improve the environmental performance of all energy related products.

For PlumbCenter customers, this meant they could now only buy and install ErP compliant products that meet regulations and improve energy efficiency.

And whilst manufacturers are responsible for labelling individual products, installers are responsible for labelling every system installed.

PlumbCenter saw an opportunity to develop an app that would help installers create system performance labels, then provide customers with a compliant system energy rating.

Key Parker designed and built the industry-leading app in just 5 weeks and launched it to PlumbCenter customers in time for the new legislation coming into force in September 2016.

To help educate and inform customers, and to launch the app, Plumb Center embarked on a nationwide promotional tour. Key Parker designed and produced all the supporting video and promotional content, helping to turn an obligation into an opportunity for customers.

Plumb Center played the energy efficiency game perfectly by being bold, relevant, visible and easy.