A new brand for our brains

We made science-y cleverness simple…

Zing Performance is a personalised programme of relatively simple exercises, which help to improve your brain’s performance through activities that make concentration easier and increase emotional well-being.

They have spent years undertaking painstaking research with the ultimate aim of helping people. So everyone at Zing are science-y.

The trouble with all of this is that it’s a very new area and it’s rather complicated to explain. And they had spent all of their time, money and considerable intellect on the science-y stuff and not on how to explain what they do. In brave terms they were neither visible, nor relevant.

That was our job.

We created a simplified visual landscape that breaks-down their story into easy to consume chunks and build a compact website that you can tour very rapidly to get a feel for the programme they offer.

The result is attracting a lot of attention, from large global businesses that want to improve staff well-being like IBM through to sports people who see an improvement in their sporting performance. World Champion snooker player Stuart Bingham being one of them.

Brain science-y cleverness made simple.